Description of Services

The Marketing & Communications (MarCom) Department offers professional centralized service for District communications to ensure a consistent look, feel and voice. We offer the following services to help promote and support college programs, activities and events:

  • Marketing, publicity & advertising: print, digital, broadcast radio, digital radio, and social media
  • Press releases and public service announcements
  • Graphic design for print and digital promotions
  • Graphic design guidelines and standards, color and logo use
  • Social media publicity, campaigns, paid advertising and consultation
  • Photography and access to photography archives
  • Campaign coordination: quotes, schedules, budgets, requisitions, invoices, basic reporting as requested
  • Website assistance such as photo suggestions, content, layout and URL, as needed
  • When Requesting MarCom Services

    Submit your request 2 - 4 weeks before deadline.

    Include budget code. Departments must have budget for printing, translation service, and paid advertising - including social media.

    Indicate who is promoting, what is happening, where, when, and why this is relevant to our students.

    Send digital images or request assistance with photography.

  • Campaign Coordination

    Campaign management:

    Propose platforms, schedule, and budget Coordinate production of print ads, posters, brochures, rack cards and digital ads, displays


    Budget management:

    Obtain quotes, input requisitions, process invoices and provide documentation and reporting Departments provide 5690 budget code and web URL for campaign
    • Broadcast and/or Digital Radio
    • 30-second English radio spot is approximately 70-75 words, 60-65 words for ads intended for Spanish translation
  • Press Releases

    The MarCom department will assist in writing the Press Release, identifying and formatting images, distributing to media contacts, posting to SRJC News Center website and News or Events on SRJC’s main webpage.

    Please include the following information for optimal turnaround time:

    Contact name, phone and email One or two relevant and interesting quotes from different sources. These often determine publication. If available, one or two original, uncropped, horizontal, high-resolution images, 700 x 450 pixels minimum. For best print results, we recommend that images are at least 150 dpi but no more than 300 dpi. See SRJC Photo No-Nos

  • Photo & Website Services
    • Arrange photoshoots
    • Provide access to photography
    • Assist with photos for District websites
    • Provide content for SRJC Homepage, including images, stories, news, and events




    We recommend that all anyone with photography needs work with a MarCom photographer. Our professional experts have been vetted and approved by MarCom staff and the District.

    MarCom will help schedule photographers upon request and will cover the expense, as long as the following criteria apply:

    • MarCom has full rights to use and/or post any and all resulting images The event/photoshoot is run by SRJC and promotes the college and/or its mission
    • MarCom reserves the right to seek reimbursement for any photoshoots or projects that require more than two hours of photography work.

    To schedule a photoshoot, to request photos from a previous photoshoot, or to obtain photos from our photo archive, submit a MarCom Service Request Form  or send your requests directly to    


    SRJC Photo No-Nos

    • Blurry, low resolution or otherwise low quality images
    • Awkward expressions or body placement
    • Closed eyes
    • Open mouths (unless performances)
    • People eating (unless Culinary photos)
    • Visible mid-drifts or wardrobe malfunctions
    • Shirts with inappropriate logos Inappropriate hand signals.
  • Graphic Design

    The Senior Designer provides digital files designed to comply with SRJC’s approved visual standards.

    Formats include brochures, logos, posters, postcards, social media images, static video images, PowerPoint presentations, apparel art, package design, etc.

    Files output to PDF or PNG; additional file formats are available

    Always provide complete copy, proofread and approved before submitting. Content includes the text and images you wish to use in the final design. Word and character count are integral to the design layout.

    Please include the following information when requesting a design:

    • Proofed and approved copy
    • Size in pixels or inches
    • Due date
  • Social Media Publicity & Consultation

    To ensure optimal accessibility and performance, we do not post flyers or graphics containing embedded copy to social media or the SRJC website.

    Institutions of higher education accessing federal funding must comply with federal legislation establishing equal access to information and online accessibility.

    Adaptive technology cannot read or translate graphics with copy (common graphic file formats like .jpeg, .png, and .pdf). Additionally, images with writing on them do not perform well on social media and are not considered engaging social posts, hence the algorithms of each social media platform will not show them properly to the audience.

    Lead times are 10-14 days ahead for social media posts

    Always indicate who is promoting, what is happening, where, when and why this is relevant to our students.                   

    Listed below are the most requested social media items and their requirements as of November 2020. When submitting information for a post, please include the following for optimal turnaround time: 


    Facebook post

    Link directing to SRJC website for more info Horizontal image of at least 1200 x 800 pixels. Uncropped, original preferred.


    Consultations and social media training are offered by request to program and department social media administrators by the Marketing & Social Media Coordinator for the district. Please make an appointment by emailing

    LinkedIn post
    Link to SRJC website Image of at least 1,200 x 628 pixels

    Instagram post
    Photos of at least 1,200 x 1,200 pixels For stories, photos should be 1,080 x 1,920 pixels or an aspect ratio of 9:16. NO LINKS ON INSTAGRAM

    Twitter post
    Link to SRJC website for more info Horizontal photo of at least 1,024 x 512 pixels. Original preferred.

    Facebook profile photo/logo
    These will be round cropped. Square photo of at least 15 x 150 pixels. Larger images preferred.

    Facebook page banner
    Horizontal image of at least 940 x 360 pixels. Uncropped, original preferred.

    Facebook / Instagram paid ad
    The copy will be edited to 90 characters Link to SRJC website for more info

    Facebook event
    Photo at 1,920 x 1,005 pixels. Originals preferred. Avoid text. Link to the SRJC website for more info.