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Mascots can be the heartbeat of a school, bringing the community together and forging bonding experiences and a sense of identity for students and alumni. Mascots are often a nod to the spirit of the institution, its physical location, its history, or an important aspect of its culture. Mascots give a personalized feeling to an institution, providing relatable figures students can use to familiarize themselves with the rest of the student population and the institution’s values. Students relate and identify with the mascot, making them feel like they belong to the student body and school.



Rosco, Santa Rosa Junior College’s mascot, was established in April 1950 through a student naming competition spearheaded by Jerry O’Leary, 1950 editor of the Patrin (and Noon Disc Jockey!). Gregg Brethards and Gene Ward were the winners of the contest, with the name Rosco, with ROS ... for Rosa; and CO . . . for College. The Bear Cub was chosen as the mascot to recognize SRJC’s main transfer destination UC Berkeley, whose mascot was a bear. The Bear Cub was a symbol of a ‘young community college student growing up into a Cal Bear student’. The college colors, red and blue, also recognized the transfer path to UC Berkeley (blue) and Stanford (red).



Rosco serves as the mascot and the “face” of the college, but there is no consistent design. At present, Athletics utilizes four different versions of Rosco, with the Bookstore, Student Services, and other departments all using their own or slight variations. The walking mascot also is a different look and type of bear (black bear vs. brown bear). At present, there is no unifying symbol for Santa Rosa Junior College for students and the community to identify with.

As SRJC embarks on its second century under a new president, we gathered community input to update Rosco’s appearance and design through a competitive design process that launched in the Fall of 2024. (In this process, Rosco’s name will not change and Rosco will remain a bear cub.) Rosco will serve as a unifying force to build community, increasing student retention and belonging on campus.

Learn more about the Rosco Design Submission Process and Guidelines

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SRJC Mascot Design submission Form



October 2023

Launch survey to students, employees, retirees, alumni, and community for core characteristics Rosco should embody as well as logo requirements

November 2023
Workgroup reviews survey results and crafts Design Challenge

December 2023
Design Challenge Launches  - any member of the public may submit a design within the requirements provided in the Challenge. The winning designer will receive compensation ($2500) for their design and sign-away rights to the college in perpetuity.

January 2024
Designs due

February 2024
Designs reviewed and finalist selected

March – April 2024
Collateral and sneak peeks begin

May 2024
Launch of Rosco

The Rosco Redesign Workgroup:

Matt Markovich
Lacey Campbell
Lenny Wagner
Kerry Campbell Price
Allegra Aktas
Kyle Brennan
Kyle Wallstrum
Zack Miranda
Sarah Laggos
Amy Chetcuti
Jesse Hilsenrad